Learning German writing and reading in Düsseldorf - orthography courses

There are many reasons why children or young adults want to relearn or learn German writing and reading. It doesn't matter if it is a form of dyslexia or a light, medium or intense kind of spelling problem or illiteracy – with our German orthography courses your individual goals are important. Trust us. We will take care!

Take charge of your own life now – learning German writing and reading

You want to (re)learn German writing and reading in Düsseldorf and you are looking for an offer that includes a sensitive way of handling varying orthographical weaknesses? We consider your age and you individual type of learning.

  • German orthography courses in Düsseldorf – single tutoring or smaller groups.
  • We handle all forms of German spelling problems / dyslexia / illiteracy.
  • Your learning tempo and your unique goals are most important to us.
  • We would love to meet you personally in Düsseldorf – your challenge is ours!

Many people are ashamed of their writing or reading weaknesses. Do you know that feeling? Then it is time to contact us. Hand in hand we show you what it means to open a whole new world and to discover a fantastic universe, you missed far too long!

Feel free to call 0211 / 13 95 54 71 for any questions and to agree a first chat in confidence!